Amanda & Michelle

Amanda and Michelle have known each other since they were just five years old. From elementary school birthday parties to running their first half marathon together; The Cupcakes & Curls duo has shared a lot of their lives with one another.

Michelle completed her Business Diploma with a major in Marketing and currently works at an ad agency in YYC. Her passions are checking out latest workout classes, sipping lattes at the trendiest coffee shops and trying out any kind of self tanner.

Amanda also completed a Business Diploma with a major in management as well as an Event Management Certificate. Amanda is working as an event coordinator at a local golf course. Her passions are baking anything with chocolate in it, reading the latest self help books and anything outdoors and adventurous.

About the Blog

Michelle and Amanda started their blog in 2014 after realizing they were the go to girls of their family and friends for the latest restaurant recommendations, beauty tips, and fitness classes. After deciding on a catchy name representing their passions for baking, fitness and beauty they were off and running.

Cupcakes & Curls have been a part of collaborations with local and international companies and businesses. These include but aren’t limited to: Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, Apartment 22, Reyna Rose, Hula Poke, Excel Homes, Juice Because YYC, Apostle Boutique, Skoah Willow Park, Tan Collective, Frankie and Finnigan, JoyDrop  Tanceuticals, and Routine Cream.

Michelle and Amanda one day want to continue to support the YYC community by hosting events and raising money for local charities as well as growing  their blog into a platform that sells planners, coffee mugs and cozy graphic sweat shirts while giving a portion of the profits to different local causes.