GRL PWR Series- Katrina Olson

1.What is your daily inspiration/motivation?
Creating. What gets me out of bed is the excitement of the unknown and what collaborations or opportunities might be out there in the world. What inspires me is people who are doing it all, taking care of their health, taking care of others and working hard to live life on their own terms to create success.
2.What is one habit that influences your daily life ? 
Coffee and supplements. I need to be ON when my feet hit the ground in the morning. I love to wake up, get caffeine in my system, cuddle my dogs for a moment before I go through the duties of packing lunches, signing agendas and diving into my emails.
3.What is one thing that you would tell your younger self? 
Don’t take anything anyone says to you to heart. Believe in yourself, trust your gut and never be scared to try something new. There is no growth in your comfort zone. The only person limiting you is yourself.
4.What is something that you wish you had more time for? 
Traveling with my kids. We learn so much about each other. I see places and cultures so differently when it is through their eyes.
5. If you could tell someone one book to read what would it be? 
The one book that truly changed my life was “Victor Frankl’s Man’s search for meaning. Frankl was a Psychoanalyst who survived a nazi concentration camp based on his observations on the human condition and training his mind to focus on empowering thoughts rather than allowing his situation to weaken him. It is an amazing book. I went to a Catholic school and it was an assigned reading for my religious studies class. I still think about this book all the time when I have to face challenges in life. I highly recommend reading it.
6.What is your number one tip to starting a business? 
Don’t be scared to fail. Their is so much growth in failure. Fail up, don’t let it get you down. Research, learn from the mistakes of people who have tried before you and do better.
7.If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? 
Burrito bowls from Chipotle. I love beans and rice and carribean or Mexican inspired flavours. I don’t think I could every get sick of that.
8.You have a good following on Instagram, how do you believe you gained this following? 
Luck, timing and teaching myself everything I possibly could about the technology. I have A BFA in photography from the University of Calgary and love taking photos.  I was an early adopter of this app because it allowed me to do amazing things with photography. I have had three posts go viral in my 8 year insta career, that wasn’t in my control because people and accounts much bigger than myself reposted my content and drew attention to it for better of for worse. Yes, I had a post go viral for the wrong reasons once and learned very quickly how powerful Instagram actually is. I also owned it and explained myself and turned a lemon into lemonade. Ultimately that worked out in my favor. But again, that was luck.
9.Where would you recommend that everyone should travel?
 I don’t know. There are so many places I have not seen. The coolest place I have ever been is Tokyo. Is it for everyone? I don’t know? I definitely found it to be an incredible place like no where I have ever been. I am not outdoorsy though. I am much more of a culture vulture. Traveling to cities I learned about in my art history classes back in the day, to see pieces of the past in modern day “real life” sans screen.
10. Latest obsession?
 I just watched the movie  “All the money in the world” the film on John Paul Getty. I also started watching the series Trust on FX based on the life events of John Paul Getty. I have visited the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to see all the amazing art work he collected. I am currently obsessed with his story, his collection and his notorious reputation as once the richest American’s but also the cheapest man in the world. Getty amassed one of the largest art collections in America!!! Anyway, I am sure next week it will be something new.
11.One thing you can’t live without and why? 
My family. There is nothing like being at home all together with the dogs in our pyjamas hanging out on a day we don’t have to go anywhere. Best feeling in the world 🙂
But if it is a material possession I can’t live without, then it would have to be my iPhone 😛
Photo Credit Eluvier Acosta @eluvieracosta Creative Direction: Leah Van Loon @leahvanloon
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