Getting Bronzed with Bronze Baxx

Hey guys!

I was so lucky to be able to hit up Bronze Baxx Studio right before my holiday down to Phoenix to get the perfect bronzy tan for my holiday! The girls at Bronze Baxx were amazing and made sure that I had the absolute best experience and got me holiday ready! Now I am a avid self tan user and love trying the newest and greatest self tanner but the tan I got from Bronze Baxx with like none other. It lasted so long and everyone kept asking me where I had gone because it looked so natural!! That’s when you know it’s a great tan 🙂

When I first arrived at Bronze Baxx at their 4th Street location I was greeted by Jenna the manager of the 4th Street location. She gave me a tour of the whole studio and showed me all the services that Bronze Baxx offers such as – Cryotherapy (which I NEED to try),  IV Therapy (which offers so many different benefits) and Velashape and Ultrashape which are body contouring systems that help define and tone your body! They have so many cool services that offer so many great benefits! I was lucky enough to get to try their Hydrationg Station and well known Spray Tans!

The hydration station is a combination of infrared light, radiant heat and steam therapy mixed in with liquid vitamins- the perfect pre-tan option that will help not your overall body but help make that new spray tan of yours last longer. The hydration station is known for helping improve the tone and texture of your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate cellulite reduction and detoxify your lymphatic system. Oh and also it’s super relaxing and you can burn up to 200 cals just laying there!! How awesome is that? I loved getting the hydration treatment and I truly believe that it’s what helped make my spray tan last so long! I recieved the anti-aging liquid vitamins that help with the skin and prevent those future wrinkles 🙂 It’s never to early for prevention!!

The next treatment I received was my spray tan! At Bronze Baxx they have a awesome team that knows how to give you the best tan. I received my tan from Jenna their manger and she made sure to give me the most natural tan without it looking orange or fake- I was ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED. My tan lasted so long on my trip and made me feel so much more confident in my bathing suit! It was perfectly airbrushed on evenly and lasted for a whole week without coming off! If you are looking to try spray tan for the first time make sure to try out Bronze Baxx- they listen exactly to what colour you want and how you would like your tan to turn out and give you the best colour that suits your skin tone!

I loved my experience at Bronze Baxx and definitely suggest it to anyone looking to get a spray tan for a event or party coming up! See below my before and afters! I love how it looks after because my skin just looks bronzy and glowy! OBSESSED!!! 🙂 I felt so much better about my skin with the tan! Also shout out to Kolby for helping me take awesome before and after photos!







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