July Product Review- Chatters Salon

Join us for the first of many monthly product reviews from Chatters Salon! Each month we will be sharing with you our opinion on a handful of products from Chatters. This month we received six skin care products from brands I have never tried before so it was exciting! Here they are:

Brand : Cailyn

R2M: Silk Refine Dual Toner Pad

Looking for the perfect toner pad for any area of your body? Look no further! These little guys can travel with you anywhere and be used anywhere!! Dry knee’s, elbows and of course for your face!! The cotton pad is also really great because it won’t leave those little lint fluffs anywhere 🙂

R2M: Silk Exfoliating Peeling Pad

I live my life on the go, so I was a huge fan of these exfoliating peel pads. One side is textured that will exfoliate your skin and the other side is smooth and will tone your skin. The perfect on the go skin saver! Who knew it would be so easy to exfoliate and leave your skin glowing. I will be using these the next time I am camping haha or “glamping.”


V11 Total Care Serum

I have used a few vitamin c serum’s in the past, but lately all I’ve been hearing is that at my age I should start using a vitamin c serum to help with anti-aging, sun damage and just overall skin health and strength. So when we received this, I was happy 🙂 This really was a one day game changer serum; I don’t know if I was just seeing things or what but my skin seem brighter, glowing and moisturize the next day after using this product. Needless to say, this wasn’t a product I was forgetting to put on after that. For me I like to spend as little as possible on products, but lately I’ve started to see skin care as an investment. We should be investing in our skin as it is the biggest organ in our body and it’s something that shouldn’t be over looked. This serum is $64.21 but think if it as an investment. This product also has 11% vitamin c which is a very good amount for that price point. Vitamin C is the total care serum for your skin, young or old. With only one drop a day you can start making all the difference to your skin now and your skin 10 years from now!!


Brand: Body Drench

Australian Red Clay Brightening Face Mask

My addiction to trying face masks continues…. My vote on this one: HELL YES! I love when I can feel the face mask working on my skin while I am wearing it. I could tell this mask was going to work on my skin. This mask will help with dryness, texture and appearance. A great mask to use right before a big event, to leave your skin feeling smooth and supple!


Purifying Sheet Mask

Another Mask!!! I’m in heaven 🙂 This mask will draw out toxins and leave your skin moisturized and glowing in the morning. If you ask me.. that’s a great combination! I am also a huge fan of sheet masks because you get to rub in and leave all those amazing nutrients/oils on your skin over night! It’s like letting your skin sleep in a cloud of greatness haha!


We hope you enjoyed our thoughts on the July goodies from Chatters!! Let us know if you use any of them and be sure to tag us in any posts!

Stay tuned for next months review


xox- Cupcakes & Curls

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