Trying INABUGGY: 1 Hour Grocery Delivery

Thanks to the generosity of INABUGGY, we got to try out their 1 hour grocery delivery services for the first time a few days ago!

How It Works

  1. Create an account and add your postal code and delivery address
  2. Choose a store (Walmart, Costco, Rexall, M&M, Safeway, PetSmart)
    • Note: you can select multiple stores. The first store fee is $20 and $10 for every different store after that.
  3. Search for the items you want and add them to your basket
  4. Select which time slot you want your items to be delivered
  5. Enter your credit card
  6. Wait for your groceries to come 🙂


  1. The service offers a total of 400,000 items from 38 stores (including Costco, Sobey’s Urban Fresh, LCBO, Rexall and Petsmart) in 30 regions across Canada
  2. Trademark features include one-hour delivery, zero-markup pricing, no minimum or maximum order size and no-charge meal kit delivery service
  3. INABUGGY is the service that’s simplifying Canadians’ to-do lists
  4. Each order placed online or using the app is handpicked by experienced personal shoppers, who pack, deliver and take care of any special requests you may have

Our Experience

  • The site was easy to use, navigate and find what you were looking for between all the different stores
  • We love that you don’t have to be a Costco member to purchase from there
  • Our groceries came right on time
  • All our items including produce were up to our standards
  • No items were substituted or changed
  • I personally think a $10 fee for someone to pick my groceries and drive them to my house is totally reasonable
    • The Costco fee of $20 is a little more expensive but if you’re doing a huge grocery shop it would be worth it for sure. Just think… you’re paying to not have to go into Costco haha
  • One down fall: my total price changed from the time I ordered to the time my items got picked up and delivered. I ordered around 1PM and got them delivered for 8PM. That being said INABUGGY is always doing their best to be updated with the latest instore pricing, but be aware that it can happen. My total cost only went up by $10.00 from a few items going up and down in price by a max of $5.00. Just a heads up if you get charged one price at checkout and end up seeing a different price on your credit card the next.

Overall we really enjoyed using INABUGGY. It might not be something I use on a weekly bases but more so something I would use when I don’t have time to go to the store or decide to have people over and would rather spend my time cleaning and preparing than heading to the store to get all my last minute groceries.

Also use our discount code to get $5 off your order “STORETODOOR

Let us know if you try INABUGGY and be sure to tag us in your post.

xox-Cupcaked & Curls

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