Our Top Five Beauty Products of All Time

Everyone has their ride or die products. Whether its sunscreen, lip chap or dry shampoo. These are the product’s we recommend to our friends and family, as well as buy them as gifts or stocking stuffers 🙂 I love getting people my favorite hair or face mask, who doesn’t love a good mask 🙂

Amanda`s Top Five

1.  Origin`s Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

  • This mask is my saving grace. It makes your skin so hydrated and soft overnight. It doesn’t increase breakouts either which is a huge plus. This product once a week will save your skin.


2. Rimmel Bronzer

  • You can probably tell Michelle and I like being bronzed. This is my go to. It`s cheap, has great color and lasts for a very long time. Summer or winter, I love this product haha


3. NYC Liquid Eye Liner

  • Liquid eyeliner is something I cannot live without. If I could choose one makeup product it would be liquid eye liner for sure. NYC has a great affordable one and I love the thick tip on it!

4.  Deep Repair Hair Mask by Macadamia Oil

  • This is the best hair mask I have ever tried. It leaves your hair so soft and it doesn’t weigh it down one bit!! If this product isn’t in my shower… we have a problem

5. First Aid Beauty Cleanser

  • To me, it is very important to have a good cleanser. Without removing all the dirt and makeup properly, your skin wont be able to be its best!! This cleanser is super foamy, non drying and a little goes a long way!!


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