GRL PWR Series-Kristi Stuart

Hey guys!! Today we have our second feature for our GRL PWR Series.. featuring the one, the only.. Kristi Stuart from Barre Belle YYC. Kristi and her business partner Jill have created a amazing brand known as Barre Belle YYC! We are obsessed with her workout classes and love how big of a inspiration she is to the Calgary community. When we were coming up with this series she was one of the first people we thought of !! because Kristi is #GOALS right? If you haven’t got to try one of Kristi’s Barre classes we 100% recommend you do.. especially her 90 minute X class on Sundays ūüėČ Thank you again Kristi for taking the time to let us interview you! See her interview below!
1.What is your daily inspiration/motivation?

My job is very special in that I have the ability to positively impact women’s lives daily. ¬†It is a¬†responsibility that I take very seriously and it is also an incredible motivator. ¬†I want to teach the best barre class I can each and every class because women are taking the time out of their busy days to come to our studio and sweat with me. ¬†So every single person in every class I teach is my biggest daily motivator. ¬†I want to be better and do my best for them.

2.What is one habit that influences your daily life ?

Sweating 5 days a week. I did this before I opened my own fitness studio as well. Sweating is the best stress relief there is!

3.What is one thing that you would tell your younger self?

To enjoy the experience more.  Stop micromanaging and planning your life because your plans will flip upside down and your life will go in a completely opposite and fabulous direction that you never would have imagined

4.What is something that you wish you had more time for?

My friends

5.If you could tell someone one book to read what would it be?

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

6.What is your number one tip to starting a business?

Complete a Pro forma. This will tell you if your passion is a hobby or a viable business 

7.If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

It is a tie: Ambrosia Apples (kept in the fridge) and Peanut m&ms

8.You’ve built a successful business through opening Barre Belle did you always want to be a business owner?How did you come for the idea for Barre Belle?
I had no plans to be an entrepreneur or business owner.  I spent many years trying out different jobs and trying to nail down what exactly I was passionate about.
One of my passions has always been fitness¬†and then barre (once I discovered what barre was, I never looked back!), but I didn’t think that it was possible for me to make that a career. ¬†My eventual
business partner and I spent alot of time¬†talking back and forth¬†about the possibility of opening up a fitness studio but were too scared to pull the trigger and go for it. ¬†One nagging thought I kept having was what if someone else does this and I don’t because I was too scared?
I finally realized that it was more important to me to try and fail, then to not try at all.
9.Where would you recommend that everyone should travel?

Florence, Italy and Venice, California

10.Latest obsession?

Planning a trip to Thailand and Bali with my family

11.One thing you can’t live without and why?

My husband and kids.  They fill my bucket the most <3

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