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The travel bug struck again this year… after contemplating over going to Iceland with a girlfriend, we decided our graduation trip was best spent somewhere HOT. And hot it was… I have had a few friends who have been to Bali and Lombok previously, which was a huge help in the planning process. The theme of our trip was do as much as we can, but also taking time to relax and recharge after finishing our business diploma’s at SAIT.

We started off in Canggu, Bali. We LOVED Canguu. It was a sweet little beach town with hippy vibes and a surfers paradise. The food there was delicious, fresh and sooo Insta-worthy haha. We stayed at a cute home stay called Pande Homestay. Which was about a 20 minute walk to the beach and restaurants. I would recommend staying a little bit closer if you aren’t looking to rent a scooter. We were a little intimidated by them so we did a lot of walking and bike riding! Here are some restaurants and activities I would recommend in Canggu:

  1. Yoga at The Practice $14 per class
  2. The Lawn (restaurant and great place to spend the day on a chair soaking up the sun)
  3. Tanah Lot Temple– neat to see, but you can’t actually go in the temple, pretty for pictures though
  4. Finn’s Beach Club– Neat place for dinner, cool club vibes, really nice for sunset
  5. Gypsy Restaurant– SOOO Yummy
  6. Dandelion Restaurant– they had the sweetest staff and really good local wine
  7. Old Man’s- Awesome place to party near the beach
  8. Avocado– another good restaurant
  9. Cafe Organic– must go!! Smoothie bowls, avo toast, and their smoothies are so delicious
  10. Lot’s of pretty shops here too with cute clothing
  11. Learn to surf here– beautiful beaches and not too crazy of waves

Our next stop was Uluwatu, Bali. We stayed at Kelly’s Warung, which is pretty much a hut on the side of a cliff. The views from this place were incredible, and when the tide goes out in the evening be sure to explore the shore line. We got some amazing shots here. We were here for 3 nights. Now this place doesn’t have the best memories in our mind because I got a kidney infection here and (I know this will sound like I’m a princess) but no air conditioning. But being right on the beach and what seemed to be the hottest part of Bali; I was dying haha. Here are my recommendations to the Uluwatu area:

  1. Uluwatu temple– head here for sunset and stay for the traditional fire dance (very cool experience)
  2. Single Finn’s– great place to party over looking the ocean
  3. Pizzeria Italia– great thin crust pizza place if you’re craving some food from home haha
  4. Rock Bar– very pretty spot, go as early as possible before sunset to get a spot in the rock bar portion. You take a cable car down to the tables. So cool
  5. Blue Point Bay Villas– If you’re into hitting the pools you can pay about $30 to stay at the pool, get a meal, drink and a towel for the day which was a nice way to spend out day
  6. Surfing– Huge surfing area but it is recommended that you are more experienced to surf here
  7. Dreamland Beach– we didn’t have time to go here but it is suppose to be beautiful

After being sick, no air conditioning and dealing with a plumbing situation in on of the shared bathrooms; I was ready to head to the next place. We were off to Ubud, Bali. A beautiful forested inner portion of Bali. We stayed at Bliss Spa & Bungalow. Ahhhh this place was pure bliss. The staff were so accommodating and if you book more than three nights you get a complimentary welcome massage. Here is what I recommend to do in and around Ubud.

  1. Yoga at The Yoga Barn
  2. Mother Temple
  3. Water Temple– this was a great experience and developed my knowledge of the culture in Bali
  4. Zen Hideaway- a giant swing in the middle of the forest (WORTH IT)
  5. Rice Terraces
  6. Monkey Forest
  7. Hiking Mount Batur for sunrise: MUST
  8. Cooking Class with Jambanan– this was the highlight of Ubud for me. The family was so hilarious and fun. We laughed so much and ate amazing food, while learning how to cook it. This is a must for me
  9. Spa treatments at Bliss Spa
  10. Tegenungan Waterfall


After a relaxing few days in Ubud we headed off on a long journey to the island of Lombok. You have to take a fast boat ride to the harbour and then we took another 2 hour car ride to get to Kuta, Lombok. This place was a less touristy version of Bali. Amazing people, local foods and fun night life. We stayed at Puri Rinjani Bungalows, which was right along the beach and you could pretty much walk most places for food and drinks. Compared to Bali, this place seemed like a ghost town. Which was nice to just be able to enjoy the scenery and take it all in. To do and eat in Kuta:

  1. Milk Restaurant– Must go for their happy hour!
  2. Rasta Bar– great food, great people and a fun place to party the night away
  3. Kuta beach– great place to spend the day
  4. Sunset View Point– a must see, so pretty
  5. Other local beaches- rent a scooter and explore this place, so much to see with not a whole lot going on. Which was a nice change of pace

Next we were off to our of the highlights of our trip; Rinjani Trek. Holy man, let me tell you… I thought I was fit and a good hiker… This trek killed me. We arrange the trek from Kuta Lombok and paid $130 for everything (transport before and after the trek, one night accommodation the night before the trek, gear, food and tent). I would try not to pay more than $150 Canadian. You can for sure bargain and get it lowered. Anyway, this was an incredible experience. We hiked 9 hours up the first day in 30+ degree weather. I burnt the back of my neck and arms so bad that it was hard to sleep that night. We slept on the rim of a crater (CRAZY) and then hiked up about 4 hours to see the sunrise at 2 in the morning. Then had to hike down ANOTHER 6 hours. Let me tell you.. I have never been so excited to sleep in a bed and SHOWER!!! The pictures don’t even do the view justice but I would highly recommend you do this hike. Our group was so fun and everyone became so close after the struggles, bruises, sweating and crying haha. Check out these pictures from our hike:

Our last and probably funnest stop was the island of Gili Trawangan just off of Lombok. Ohhhh man did we have fun there. This island is known as the party island so you can kind of guess what we did there haha. But we also went diving, ate at amazing places and made some life long friends. We stayed at the Black Penny Villas which included our own plunge pool and was right in the middle of all the shops, bars and restaurants. Also you can walk around this island in about 2 hours so make sure to explore everything. Here are my recommendations for Gili T.

  1. Rent a bike while your there to get around
  2. Explore the shops and stock up on your souvenirs
  3. Diving with Blue Marlin Dive Shop
  4. Booze Cruise– they didn’t have them going when we were there because it was Ramadan but it looks awesome
  5. La Dolce Vita Restaurant
  6. Night Market– great local food
  7. La Petite Grill– try their hotdogs
  8. Party at the Sama Sama bar
  9. Sunrise Yoga 
  10. Pituq– amazing vegan restaurant and you get to sit in little huts
  11. Kayu Cafe- really yummy breakfast
  12. Scally Wags- buffet sea food style dinner
  13. Sunset Point– sunset and swing pictures
  14. Mani and Pedi’s- you can go anywhere
  15. Ombak Hotel– pay $5 for a chair on the beach for the day and lunch service
  16. Persona– really good Indian food

We had a long trek back to Kuta Bali where we would stay one night before flying out in the morning. I wouldn’t recommend staying here for very long just because it is very touristy and just has shops and malls. But we ended up heading back to Canggu to get tattoos!!! CRAZYY. Our friend recommended a place there and I had been thinking about getting one for awhile so see below my new tat 🙂

This trip to Indonesia was a trip of a life time. I had an amazing travel partner and overall just learned so much about myself, others, cultures, food and exploring. I loved Indonesia so much and will never forget this trip. I love sharing my experiences so if you have any specific questions please send me a message =) Also below is a travel video I made, so you can get a little taste of our trip.

xox- Cupcakes and Curls





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