Microblading 101

As you may have seen on our Instagram feed over the past few months, my mom received microblading for the first time from the lovely Marlee from The New Arch. Marlee originally offered the services to myself and Michelle but after talking it over we decided our eyebrows weren’t really in need of microblading. However my mom had been looking into it over the last year or so and showed interest in getting it done.

At first my mom said no because she was so scared of how they would turn out. After some convincing and realization that she has wanted this for a long time and hasn’t had eyebrows for the last 20 years… she decided to go through with it.

Marlee made my mom so comfortable and confident by walking her through the procedure and what was going to happen.

The first step was going over the legal/contradictions portion of the treatment and after that my mom showed her a few pictures of brows she liked, the shape, size and color. After that she spent about 20 mins drawing the brows on with a ruler. Marlee was very particular about the shaping which was comforting for my mom.

Once my mom was happy with the shape, they both decided on a good color shade that would go well with her skin tone and hair color. After that, numbing cream was applied and the procedure started. My mom said she could barely feel it, just some pressure and a bit of pinching.

Here are the before and after shots of my moms eyebrows.

Some of the after-care for her brows included:
1. Do not touch your brows unless with a clean cotton swab or clean finger
2. Do not scratch or pick at any forming scabs (allows scabs to come off on their own)
3. Gently cleanse the area using a moistened cotton pad every 3 hours for the first 24 hours post procedure
4. For the first three days, keep a very thin layer of the provided aftercare ointment on the brows the act as a barrier during healing, applied with a clean finger or cotton swab
5. Once a day gently cleanse with neutral soap to keep area clean and remove old ointment
6. You can stop using the ointment after 2-3 days and apply only as needed
7. Keep brows as dry as possible, use ointment before shower or cleansing your face for the first week and do not put your face under the direct stream of water
8. Do not let products such as face wash, shampoo or sunscreen come in contact with your brows
9. Do not apply any makeup to your brows or the surrounding area
10. Do not use abrasive skin care products
11. Do no sunbathe or use a tanning bed
12. Avoid exercise/sweating until the open wounds of the brows have completely healed (approx. 5-7 days)

So pretty much try to avoid letting products, water and sweat touch your brows for the first few days and you are good to go.

6 weeks after her brows were done, she went to her follow up appointment to touch them up. Here is a picture of her brows after her follow up appointment.

On behalf of my mom, I can say that she really benefitted from this treatment. She went from having no brows and having to spend at least 10 minutes every morning getting them the way she wanted as well as checking up on them throughout the day and after workouts; to now, waking up every morning with one less thing to do and worry about during the day. She can workout and go swimming without worrying about how her brows look. She loves them so much and has gotten tons of complements on them. She has more confidence in her look and is more than satisfied with how everything turn out.

A huge thanks to Marlee for giving my mom this incredible experience and treatment. Please go and check her Instagram and website out for more information. Also Marlee has given anyone who refers to our blog a 10% discount off her microblading treatments. If you have any more questions about the treatment or my mom’s experience, send us an email or contact miss Marlee directly.

Xox- Cupcakes and Curls

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