Winter Fitbox Favorites

The Winter Fitbox has arrived!!! This is now our third Fitbox and they just seem to be getting better and better. There is always something unique that makes each box just as awesome as the last. As we have mentioned in previous posts on the Fitbox, we love the idea of having a box of motivation delivered to our door. These boxes inspire us to try new workouts, sample some different foods and recognize all the amazing businesses in Calgary. Below are our favorites for the Winter Fitbox.

1) True Life Fitness Apparel– Blaire Leggings

My number one favorite were the leggings! First of all, I would have probably never bought these wild patterned leggings myself but I ended up really loving them. I am a black on black workout clothing girl so these were out of my comfort zone but I wore them a few times and got a lot of compliments on them! They are so comfy, high wasted and you don’t have to tug at them during your workout to keep them on. These leggings have opened my mind to more crazy patterns and prints for workout clothes! They made me feel great!

2) Urban Body Organics – Ease Cleanse Mood Mist

Ahhh the mood mist! I love the smell of lavender already so I was all about this product. This spray was something I kept by my bed side and sprayed my pillows with right before I went to bed or when I was reading a book. Just taking a moment to stop, spray, take a deep breath and enjoy the smell was a really nice break from my day or to wind me down at night.

3) SoLo GI – Lemon Lift Bar

I had never heard of SoLo Energy bars before this but I think I will be hunting down where I can buy them and getting some to keep in my gym bag.  I am usually not a big fan of yogurt covered bars but these guys know what they are doing. The Lemon Lift Bar was delicious, it was sweet but light and made me feel energized. They are an awesome pre workout snack to get you feeling fuelled and fired up!

4) Well Juicery – Free Juice

Free juice, hell yeah!!! I love the idea of juicing and I have done a few cleanses in the past but the price just kills me. So getting to try a free sample of a local juice company is a great idea!! I can’t wait to try out their juices 🙂

5) Stax Cycle – 2 Class Pass

I am addicted to spin but as a student the price just doesn’t work that well for my wallet. So getting two free passes got me excited. Also your first class at Stax is free so I got three free classes!! Stax has such a great space in Inglewood! The staff was so friendly, inviting and informative. My first class was with Emily and let me tell you, I sweat my butt off. She was an awesome motivator and her playlist had me pumped up the whole class. If you have tried Stax it is a must in my books.

Thanks to our wonderful friends at My Fitbox Life we have a discount code for you to get your box. The winter box is almost sold out so check it out today if it’s something you’re interested in, or get on the list for their next box!

Head to My Fitbox Life and use discount code C&CFITBOX20 to get 20% of a single box or 20% off a subscription (30% off your 1st box when you sign up). Give them a follow on Instagram to stay in the loop and check out all the other amazing goodies in the Winter Box.


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