A New Year- Planning & Goal Setting Tips

Happy 2017 everyone! We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Years and got to spend it with the ones you love. For the most part our holidays were pretty relaxing, which was great. It’s nice just to kick back, relax and reflect on the past year! I love going through all my photo’s of the previous year and reliving the memories. This year flew by for me, and a lot happened. I got a new job, finished my first year of a business diploma, quit jobs, flew across the globe by myself for the first time, had amazing new experiences, made new friendships, spent more quality time with family, travel to some awesome places and ran my first marathon. It was one hell of a year! I did a lot, but I also could have done a lot more. I’m sure everyone says that! But I am very happy with what 2016 brought me or what I brought to myself in 2016 🙂

The new year is  great time to get your ducks in order and start fresh. So during the break I did a lot of cleaning, organizing, donating clothes and getting rid of clutter. I also organized my photo’s, cleared my laptop of any old photos and documents and put new pictures in all my frames! This is how I started to prepare for the new year! Organizing, reflecting and planning will help you set out new goals and accomplishments for the next year. You can see what worked this year, what didn’t work, what can I work on, what did i I accomplish this year and move forward from there.

First thing first I usually buy a new planner and start putting in important dates, deadlines, birthdays and when bills are due. This sets out the framework for your year. Then I made my 2017 guide lines, not resolutions, not I need to stick to these or else I will feel bad about myself. Just some guidelines I would like to follow and will help keep me on track and bettering myself and my life.

These guidelines were as follows:

  1. Read before bed instead of watching Netflix’s (I have 6 books on my list for this year so far)
  2. Workout five days a week (whether that’s a long walk or intense workout, everything counts)
  3. Take advantage of free workout classes around Calgary to save money (Check out Lululemon Sweat Collective classes for free workouts)
  4. Post/ Check social media once in the morning including emails and then focus on school the rest of the day
  5. Live with less (Don’t spend money on unnecessary purchases/goods)
  6. Make more time for family and close friends
  7. Make eating healthy a priority, don’t settle for quick and easy fast food
  8. Stay determined to save money for vacations and trips
  9. Be more spontaneous and try new things
  10. Keep your goals, dreams and aspirations at the forefront of why you are doing things, stay motivated and dream big

These are just a few guidelines that came to mind when thinking about what I want to accomplish, change and make happen in the next year. Next I compiled a list of all the books I want to read this year so I have an idea of how long it might take me if I don’t read every night. I then wrote down a few goals for the year which are similar to my guidelines but more direct.


  1. Travel somewhere new
  2. Find my dream job/ position and work towards it
  3. Enjoy the little things in life more
  4. Get out of debt
  5. Always be open to learning and new things

After I had an idea of what I wanted to do this year I took sometime to research and look further into these goals/ guidelines. I made a list of all the books I want to read, all the free workouts I could go to on which day and time, I made a plan for savings and redid my budget, I started planning a trip to Iceland and Bali, I made a list of all my close family and friends so I can remind myself to make time for them, I researched different jobs and careers in my field and found one I really love. The important thing after writing out your goals is to research them, look into them and make it possible for you to achieve them. My teacher wrote this quote on the board on my first day of class this semester, it said “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It really resonated with me and I wrote it down in my planner to remind me when I am feeling unambitious or lazy.

Anyway these are some of the tasks I do to help me start the new year off feeling excited and ambitious, I hope these tips will help you develop a plan for the year and that you stick to your goals and accomplish everything on your list 🙂

xox- Cupcakes & Curls

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