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A few weeks ago Michelle and I got the chance to have some amazing facials at XO Treatment Room here in Calgary and wanted to share our experience with our lovely followers. Skin care is so incredibly important, more important than all the pretty and fun makeup we buy, try and put on our faces. Only being 22 Michelle and I don’t have too many skin care concerns but know how important healthy and clear skin is to us. We want our skin to be clear and beautiful forever but know that it can’t always be that way. We love getting facials not just because they are pampering and relaxing but we know how good they are for our skin now and will help us in the future.

We were greeted by the lovely owner at XO Treatment Room, Annie. Annie was so inviting and made us feel right at home. After chatting, giggling and sipping on some tea, we got down to business. I had the XOA facial by Annie which is a custom, multi-correctional treatment where she cleanses and analyzes your skin, then works her magic!! The treatment for me consisted of a relaxing cleansing process, laser treatment, hydrating mask, skin peel and to top it off some lovely smelling oils and moisturizers 🙂


What an amazing treatment it was, the laser she used on me stimulates collagen, plumps fine lines and wrinkles, while brightening my face for an overall beautiful glow. This laser is a no downtime treatment that you can get anytime without worrying about your face needing a few days of hiding in your house before showing your new skin. You can get laser treatment packages at XO which are known as “laser glow” on their website. Another highlight of my treatment was getting to try their very own serum that Annie developed with the help of some professionals in the skin care world. It is called XO PM. This serum is your skin saviour in a bottle, something you use to give your skin that extra “Shazam.” Maybe after a weekend away of staying up late or not having time for your full skin care routine; this serum is there to rescue your face. My skin felt like new after my treatment, and honestly still does. My skin appeared brighter, softer, plumper and just overall looked refreshed and glowy. I love this treatment and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!! The XOA would be a great treat for yourself, a friend to make it a girls day or your mom, husband or anyone really. You can purchase gift cards or just give the girls at the front desk a call and book in:) This is also a great treatment if your not exactly sure what your skin could use, Annie is an expert and I promise you will leave with a smile. She was such a sweet lady and a joy to chat with! Now miss Michelle will tell you about her fantastic facial with miss Diana…

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to say we also really loved XO Treatment Room’s decor, when you step into this boutique you feel as though you are in someone’s beautiful living room. I loved it because it made you feel cozy and at home even though you were at spa. For my facial I received the Beyond Botox Facial, which includes a deep cleanse, peel, lymphatic drainage (which is amazing because it makes your skin look super plump and glowy) also a hand and arm massage which basically puts you to sleep because your so relaxed!

Now with first glance at my skin Diana did notice that I did suffer from acne and breakouts so she was able to design the facial to benefit my skin to the fullest. She changed up some of the products in the Beyond Botox to help me achieve clearer skin while still the benefitting from the Beyond Botox. She first started by cleansing my skin and getting rid of any makeup. The products that she used were all-natural which I love; I find that products without all the extra chemicals help keep my skin and complexion clearer and less irritated. She then used a toner to make sure that the skin was clean and ready for the masque.  After that she applied the masque that targets any acne and help stop it in it’s tracks. All of the products smelled really good, they were very soothing and calming and who doesn’t love that in a facial?

Diana then was able to do extractions on my skin to help any acne that I had/or would have on my face! She said it’s super important to get extractions and by getting them done once a month by an aesthetician it can really help acne-prone skin stay clear and healthy! Diana then did the lymphatic drainage massage- which helps make your skin look glowy and plump. She then followed with a hand and arm massage. The facial was so relaxing and such a nice treat after a long day at work! My skin looked so much clearer after. I would highly suggest this facial to anyone- this facial can benefit you in so many ways especially if you live in the dry-climate which is Calgary!


Overall we had a wonderful experience at XO Treatment Room with Diana and Annie. We left with beautiful skin and smiles on our faces. If you’re looking to treat yourself, your mom, your friends or whoever else needs a day at the spa we recommend looking into all the super beneficial treatments they have at XO Treatment Room. You won’t be disappointed!!! They also have a wall filled with products that will help you with the upkeep of your new and refreshed skin. Check out their website and Instagram for more information 🙂

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